Entry fees – Breed club specialty show – EDS – Miniature Schnauzer Club Denmark

Down in this page, you will find the fees for entering club show in connection to EDS- Denmark – last entry for clubshow will be the 23. of april 2023 by midnight.

If you want to join show you can use Danish Kennelclub entry – use this link

You can also use the entry form directly to the club – then use this link

Following titles are for this show only.

European Club Winner 2023 – til BOB/BOS – short – EUCW2023
European Club Junior Winner 2023 – til best junior male/bitch– short –  EUCJW2023
European Club Veteran Winner 2023 – til best veteran male/bitch – short – EUCVW2023

Adress for the show – Brørup Hallen, Byagervej 3, 6650 Brørup

Judge: Falk Siewert, Germany, reserve jugde Merete Dalsgaard, Denmark

If you have any questions, please contact udstilling@dvkweb.dk



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